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What are the wedding dresses ideal for a beach wedding? There is no exact rule to choose the right model, the important thing is that the dress fits that particular occasion. On, the choice of models, protagonists of a ceremony with maritime location is almost endless.. Getting married on the beach is an original idea, which many see as a pipe dream, as a fantasy film. If instead of an aisle in church the newlyweds run through a wooden pier or an expanse of sand, weddings become definitely a more casual and fun party, totally immersed in nature. A summer and cheerful solution for those who choose to celebrate a marriage in a civil ceremony. In such a carefree day, how do you choose the right dress?

Planning a wedding always involves a series of important decisions, the ceremony should reflect the taste and personality of the couple, as well as adapt to the period chosen to celebrate it. What better summer season to get married on the beach?


The bride who likes such a summer location and wild almost certainly opt for a simple dress and soft, perfect to be modeled by the sea breeze and leave a romantic trail in the sand on the way to the groom. Those who want the traditional wedding dress long known that the most suitable models for this type of ceremony are the least wide as the cut in empire or in-line, or the mermaid cuts which, although very elegant and refined, constitute a quite handy solution. The princess dresses ballgown and are less frequent, mainly because the bride on the beach looking for the sobriety and an excess of frills, veils and applications would be impractical. Even more comfortable for the wedding by the sea are the short Wedding dresses, which allow greater freedom of movement and giving the protagonist of an air saucy receipt. Another very important detail in the choice of the bride to wear on the beach is the color. The advice is to opt for the classic white, made luminous and ethereal by sunlight and suitable for tanned complexion of the bride. Needless to say, in fact, that if you choose to organize your outdoor wedding you will have to show off a decided tone.

For those who believe that the white is too simple, pastel colors like blue or pink are well suited to the natural colors of the location, and the champagne or beige color could save you and camouflage the inevitable sand-colored spots.

To complete your beach wedding should look to style the hair the right way, so as not to end up with inextricable knots just the wedding night and not have locks rebels before his face during the time of yes. floral decorations or marine theme are ideal to take the hair and stop to pick them up with elegance. If you do not give up the veil on his head, try not to pick too long, or you risk stumbling among the rocks and sand, and your movements become clumsy. Last and fundamental element for the marine look, the shoes. If you are planning to get married on the sand, the heels are excluded from the game, as well as closed shoes that you would only get in the way. Flip flops and flat sandals are the ideal solution, or, if you want my advice very original, why not choose a foot jewelry to wear instead of the shoes? You will be the queen of the beach and you can run barefoot for her husband.

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