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Wishesbridal: The look of the mother of bride: what to wear?

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Dear readers,

The mother of the bride has a strict etiquette to choose what to wear on the wedding day of his daughter!

The dress to wear on your wedding day is not a problem only for the bride but also for the mother of the bride! You can not risk being overcome other mother-in-law in terms of elegance, but you should not overdo it ... even the dress of choice for mothers of the brides is a real problem.

The golden rule for all the mothers of the brides is not never exaggerate: if in doubt best to remove that add! That goes with the dress as for accessories and makeup. The strength of every mother who gives the bride the bride is the sobriety and sophistication! That's why today we want to tell you about

No clothes with bright colors or floral patterns from excessive: on site you will find clothes solid, to avoid the risk of venturing into fantasies demanding to wear and to combine with other leaders. You can play well on a balanced tonal and respect the rule that all the guests avoid wearing white clothes.

Then no matter what the mother of the bride is fit and toned: the skirt has to get to his knees, the neck must be discrete (such as the breasts on the back) and transparencies are banned. Bets rather a mother of the bride dresses with sleeve. Let glitter, sequins and other precious inserts the bride.

A sheath dress is the perfect solution, combined with a coat classic cut in a Pashima be wound on his back. Great choice can reveal lace mother of the bride dresses: it will give a more youthful and cheeky, but always elegant. Things to avoid long dresses especially if the wedding is held each day.

The shoes? Only mom already accustomed to walk with high shoes can choose shoes with heels and, in any case, this must not exceed the heel of the bride! Nothing plateau or open sandals: when in doubt, opt for a pair of classic ballet flats or heels decollete but should not exceed 8 cm!

Hat and gloves can be your signature look or your cross be able to choose the right hat is a feat that requires the opinion of an expert. Use these accessories only if you have a very sober look that could be described almost understated.

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