Wednesday, June 3, 2015

UU Hair Extensions: Remy Human Hair Extensions, Lace Wigs

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Extension hair, or how to turn their look to appear more different and play with their hair. There are different types of extension, locks of hair often true, that can be applied through a glue specification, knotted small strands or by means of the clips that snap to the scalp. The foliage on this new volume and new lengths thanks to the extension that can also be colored with bright colors to make them more similar to the natural hair, or made fun with fluorescent shades and create original dip dye to wear when you want. We must take care of these strands by washing and pettinandole periodically to prevent it can spoil. Let's find out what is the best site to buy them, how to apply the extension, which looks to create and how to keep them perfect for longer.

For women who like to change the look often to discover every day different, or just to be seen with long hair or bangs, there's nothing better than the temporary extension of UU hair extensions to be applied to their hair. The extensions are real hair or synthetic strands that attach to the scalp through a temporary glue, which fades after a few days, with small springs or with a mounting knots, but that often ruin the hair; Today the most common are those clips in minimally invasive hair and easy mounting on any other cut. To add length, it is preferable to choose from 26 inch clip in hair extensions and 28 inch clip in hair extensions, it is important that they are of quality to get a more natural result that it will not be noted in your hair.

To apply the extension on your hair short or medium does not have to do is position them halfway up the back of the head, eliminating the need to adhere to the glue to the scalp can damage it, and hide among the foliage. After each use, it is important to comb the extension to remove any knots and wash them, being extensions do not have the same supply of oils and nutrients of real hair and therefore tend to become dirty and rovinasi much more slowly. You should wash your extensions once a month with the shampoo for dry hair to moisturize and nourish them; just soak them in water and diluted shampoo, to comb gently and allow to air dry naturally.

The extension UU Hair Extensions are perfect for creating beautiful hairstyle for long hair and hairstyles gathered with easy to implement or kept loose, smooth or moved by soft waves. See the other proposals!