Thursday, November 20, 2014

12 Evening Wear Dresses!

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Dear readers,

Evening dresses are always what we love the most have in our wardrobe, those clothes that we never see wait to wear so we can almost hear the kings or queens. In fact, as you wear something more elegant, just everything changes: the behavior becomes more defined and our character is changed almost in an instant.

The clothing also does this, gives us a kind of mask that helps us to become what we want to be. And today, we at Klacelyn, we want you wore to the discovery of a site, with a choice will make you feel beautiful princesses on all occasions:, a most trusted online store specialize in prom dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, party dresses, and graduation dresses in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trend of the season is the selection of evening dresses are very flexible, classic dishes that, combined with a more casual accessory or even a pair of sneakers, they create a unique look and intriguing.

Take for example a one-shoulder black dress: very elegant for a wedding and at the same time perfect for a night at the club when paired with a colored top under the dress.

The beauty of fashion is also reinterpret the garments according to the situations that we propose.

A thousand and one nights, thousand and one evening wear!

On will find beautiful evening dresses, the key is always the same: knowing how to choose the right one for different occasions.

High heels and little black dress can be worn for an evening of fun, but also a first in the theater when combined with necklace and pearl earrings.


Colorful clothes yes, but not if you are about to go to a formal ceremony in the evening: remember that the black and dark colors are the kings of the night..



..while the light-colored or bright of day.




Filiform? Dares well with a nice tight pattern and color.


Curvy? Dark colors are great, but if you also want the color does not opt for the fantasies too showy.


No matter what body and style you have, or how much money you want to spend on you will certainly find the dress that you have always wanted.

Be seduced by the precious fabrics, clean lines, the delicate shades of color of these evening dresses dream, perfect for evening look to shake with the sparkle of jewelry or accessories.


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marcella sicca said...

fantastici questi abiti, molto eleganti ed originali mi piacciono molto

Serena Barti said...

Da te scopro sempre delle proposte molto interessanti, quel abito rosso è meraviglioso

Mary Cavaliere said...

Uno più bello dall'altro, difficile scegliere sono tutti molto belli, grazie dei consigli

alison said...

Vado subito nel sito a dare uno sguardo mi hai incuriosito con questi abiti.

Davvero belli questi abiti, non conoscevo questo nuovo shop Online, vado subito a fare qualche bell'acquisto :)

Gloria said...

Non conoscevo, quante belle proposte moda molto eleganti e raffinate, sono curiosa di vedere altri loro articoli, grazie per la bella segnalazione.

Marinella said...

Adoro questi siti online e da te ne scopro sempre di nuovi e convenientissimi, corro subito a vedere questo che ci segnali mi sembra davvero stupendo! ^_^

Luisa said...

Fare shopping online mi piace moltissimo e questi siti sono a dir poco fantastici, non conoscevo e non posso resistere alla tentazione di curiosare.

mini nuni said...

sono davvero dei vestiti bellissimi
andro' a un veglione per capodanno credo che controllero' questo sito
xoxo mini nuni

Anna Santese said...

sono tutti abiti splendidi li adoro, corro nel sito a far shopping.

elodia vinci said...

che meraviglia questi abiti, ne cercavo da tempo uno da poter indossare per il matrimonio di mia nipote, corro a far spesa nel sito, grazie cara.

Love your picks, especially that last dress.